Faith Sharing

Using prayer, shared experiences, and explorations of faith, we can enhance the spiritual life of ourselves, our College community and beyond.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is an integral component of every academic program at St. Mark's College.  Once a month, on the Saturdays that class is scheduled, students gather with the Campus Ministry team to discern their unique vocation through spiritual readings, professional workshops, and guided prayer and retreat opportunities. It is a way to build community, as well as to get students to connect their academic learning and their prayer lives.

All graduate students, alumni, and members of our neighbouring community are welcome. Learn More

Faith Development with BA Students

Committed to the care and development of the whole person, faith development is the intentional practice of setting aside time to engage in conversations about life, faith, and our own personal relationship with Jesus. Once a week, student cohorts gather with a member of the Campus Ministry team to grow in faith and community through spiritual readings, attending conferences, and participating in guided prayer and retreat opportunities. Learn More

Liturgy & Lunch

Every Wednesday during Lent – beginning on Ash Wednesday, and continuing until the day before Holy Thursday – join the Community of St. Mark’s in prayer (daily Mass celebrated at St. Mark’s Chapel) and at lunch in Plato’s Cave Café.  Special guests will facilitate dialogue about contemporary hot button issues, and encourage all who are gathered to cultivate the world anew. Learn More


“While diversity in the expression of faith can and does contribute to the catholicity (universality) of Christ’s Church, those divisions resulting from discord and disagreement between Christians are an open contradiction of the Gospel. Division undermines the Church’s capacity for mission. Christ calls us to be reconciled with one another in order that we might give a more faithful witness to His love for all of humanity.” - Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (2014). Catholic Ecumenical Commitment. A Church in Dialogue.

Christians of all denominations and all persons of good will are invited to gather at St. Mark’s Parish to pray for unity during the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

For more information about faith sharing opportunities available on-campus, please contact the Campus Ministry Office.