St. Mark’s College was chartered to offer theological degrees by the legislature of the Province of British Columbia in 1956, with the passage of the St. Mark’s Act.
The College’s programs are recognized by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver (RCAV) and the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA), and have been assessed as ATS-equivalent by the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education (CAPPE). The College is a member of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities of Canada (ACCUC).

Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

St. Mark's College is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools.

The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada
The Commission on Accrediting

10 Summit Park Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15275-1110

Telephone: 412-788-6505

The following degree programs are approved by the Commission on Accrediting:
  • Master of Arts in Religious Education
  • Master in Catholic Educational Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies
  • Master of Arts (Theological Studies)

About the ATS

The mission of the Association of Theological Schools is to promote the improvement and enhancement of theological schools to the benefit of communities of faith and the broader public.

“More than 270 graduate schools of theology in the United States and Canada form The Association of Theological Schools. Member schools conduct post-baccalaureate professional and academic degree programs to educate persons for the practice of ministry and for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. These schools differ from one another in deep and significant ways, but through their membership in ATS, they demonstrate a commitment to shared values about what constitutes good theological education.

Membership is open to schools located in the United States and Canada that offer graduate theological degrees, are demonstrably engaged in educating professional leadership for communities of the Christian and Jewish faiths, and meet the standards and criteria for membership established by the Association. The current member schools, numbering more than 270, include Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox graduate schools of theology that reflect a broad spectrum of doctrinal, ecclesiastical, and theological perspectives."
Information from the ATS website